The VERBA Mewaco feeder for fattening pigs or piglets, is made of an all stainless steel trough and frame with a transparent feed bunker. The Mewaco feeder is suitable for feeding meal, pellets and crumbs.

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  • For large groups of pigs
  • ½" stainless steel water connection, 2 nipples (Mewaco) 3 nipples (Mewaco Duo)
  • White transparent bunker, assess the feed content from a distance
  • Ingenious spill edge, no feed spillage
  • Very durable feeder with high own weight (Mewaco >29KG)
  • Standard 2 x 35mm stainless steel U-profiles
  • Spindle adjustment for very easy and precise adjustment
  • Very strong full stainless steel 304 dosing mechanism and trough
  • Feeding and drinking areas separated by stainless steel partitions and bars
  • AHDB UK Feeder Test: Best scores on both feed spillage and setup ease
  • Excellent price / quality ratio
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Warranty: 7 years on material and construction faults; drinking nipples 1 year warranty on construction faults. Drinking nipples are single suitable for water, not for additives.

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As a former pig farmer, we understand better than anyone what is essential for an optimal pig feeding system. Controlling feed costs is crucial, considering feed is the biggest expense for a pig farmer. That is why we have developed the VERBA Mewaco feed trough. The Mewaco feeder is used and appreciated by pig farmers worldwide for its excellent performance and durability.


The VERBA Mewaco feeder is specially designed for finishing pigs and piglets, and excels in dosing fine feed. Think of meal and pellets possibly mixed with CCM, without bridging. This feature makes the Mewaco particularly suitable for self-mixers, who often struggle with accurate dosing of fine feed. The unique design of the feeder keeps the feed flowing freely, which ensures optimal feed conversion.

Separated drinking bowl

What really sets the Mewaco feeder apart is the separated drinking bowl with stainless steel Verba nipple. This prevents water contamination and keeps the feed free of moisture. This minimizes bridging and prevents blockages. This not single contributes to a more efficient feeding system, but also reduces the risk of health problems in the pigs. This in turn leads to lower veterinary costs and higher productivity.

Durable materials

The Mewaco feeder is made of high-quality stainless steel and PE, making it extremely durable. This also makes this pig feeder resistant to the harsh conditions in a pig stable. The pig feeder is equipped with an internal stainless steel stir bar, which prevents the feed from getting stuck. This also makes the Mewaco feeder suitable for feeding moister feed, such as CCM, without disturbing the feed flow.

In addition, the Mewaco is easily adjusted using the indestructible spindle, allowing for quick and precise adjustment of the feeder to meet the needs of the pigs. Optional accessories, such as stainless steel mounting angles and lids, provide additional convenience and flexibility in the installation and maintenance of the feeder.

In short, the VERBA Mewaco feeder offers pig farmers a reliable and efficient solution for feeding their pigs with a focus on maximum performance, durability and ease of use. With its proven quality and versatility, the Mewaco feeder is a worthwhile investment for any modern pig farm.

Many satisfied customers

We have received from ABZ animal feed a beautiful film of the very nice pig farm with 3500 fattening pigs from the Krüs family. The Krüs family tested several different brands of feeders and the Mewaco came out as the best pig feeder in the test. The Mewaco provides excellent dosing of the fine meal-like compound feed that they mix themselves with their own CCM. We notice that more and more pig farmers in the Netherlands start to feed finer dry feed and the Mewaco feeder was specially developed for this purpose 20 years ago. In other countries, where there are many self-mixing companies, the Mewaco has been used in large numbers for a long time. In the Netherlands this is now also slowly starting to grow, especially when feed prices continue to rise.

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