VERBA. The perfect feeder.
VERBA has been a producer of the perfect feeder for farm and animal for over 50 years. We produce in our Dutch factory piglet covers, floor heating, drinking bowls and feeders for piglets, fattening pigs and sows.

The Perfect Feeder since 1971

For over 50 years VERBA has been a producer of the perfect feeder for farm and pigs.

About us

Welcome in Nijnsel
Welcome to Nijnsel, located in the heart of "De Meierij van 's-Hertogenbosch", the traditional clog region in the south of the Netherlands. Where technology and craftsmanship come together. The perfect location for VERBA, producer of the perfect pig feeder. We are the proud makers of innovative pig feeders for the national and international market. Feeding systems for every stage of a pig's life. VERBA was founded in 1971 by Bert Verbakel. As a pig farmer he saw as no other what was important in stables: hygiene and efficiency, but also safety and sustainability. That is why he was the first producer who stopped using asbestos cement in the late 70s and switched to recycled plastic.

It didn't end there. VERBA was also the inventor of the liquid feeder in the early 1980s. This reduced manure production by 50%, a huge improvement for the environment. VERBA, still a family business, has continued that innovative approach.
The new generation of VERBA offers pig feeders in two hundred variants the widest range in the world. Of the highest quality and optimized for ease of use and animal welfare. Our unique designs ensure optimal feed conversion. We also make piglet covers and floor heating systems for farrowing crates. And we are specialists in customization.

Sustainability first
Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We use almost 100 percent recycled materials. In addition, our waste paper, plastic and stainless steel waste is also recycled. Our machines run on solar power. And we look for our suppliers close to home to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation. Our close-knit dealer network delivers our products all over the world. Maybe soon also in your stables.

That's why you choose VERBA

More than 50 years of experience

In 1971 former pig farmer Bert Verbakel developed the perfect pig feeder. In the meantime the 3rd generation has joined our family farm and we continue to develop the ideal pig farm equipment.

Going for the maximum

Optimal feed conversion is anything but self-evident. From various studies and the experiences of our customers worldwide, the VERBA feeder has been proven effective in the pig pen for years.

Leading in sustainability

Unmatched Guarantee and Quality. By using 100% recycled materials, 1150 solar panels, Dutch suppliers and energy efficient machines we try to reduce our footprint and increase our quality every day.

Attention for humans and pigs

Convenience and safety in the stable are hallmarks of our feeders. These include anti spillage edges to increase hygiene and prevent waste, use of easy adjustments and an animal-friendly finish.