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Verba Drowaco and Bigro best in test

By March 16, 2016September 24th, 2022No Comments

The Verba Drowaco and Bigro feeders were tested in Germany by an independent company. There they came out as the best feeder. The growth curve was by far the most constant and the total growth per piglet after 50 days was almost 10% higher than with the feeder with the lowest result. With an average of 30 pigs in this test, that is 60 kilos more growth result for this group in 50 days compared to the worst scoring feeder. Annually, this provides enormous benefits for a company.

We find it remarkable that the two best scoring feeders are the single two machines with square troughs; the rest have round troughs.

Test result page 1
Test result page 2
Test result page 3
Test result page 4

Test results piglets drowaco